Greetings fellow SEO enthusiast out there, hope your sitting comfortably.  I have not posted in some time now, in fact a little over 4 months, the last article being on the wondrous HTACCESS file which I hope you all enjoyed. I’m hoping, as I have a little more free time now, to start writing more technical posts again.

Over the last couple of months I have very much being working on building the brand (Brandfluent digital) and we are now in a place where I can sit back a little bit and chill J (if that word would ever apply to me).

Ok let’s jump in,

WHAT is an API? & what do they do

First let’s break the acronym down, API stands for Application Programming Interface.   An API is a key that is specifically designed to allow interaction / communication between Software components, which will allow a user, developer or machine to query other databases, libraries, source codes and more.  There are many API’s out on the net which allow web communities to create an open architecture for sharing content and data between websites and applications.

Now you understand what an API is you now need to learn how to use one to interact with your site.  In order for your programme / site to interact with a third party you need to have something called an API key .The API key is a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) generated by the system you want to interact with, using a 32 bit alphanumeric string.  Using this key will allow you to connect with the system and pull down the data you require, most programming languages will allow you to query the site / database and compile the information into your preference.

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