One of the main attractions of social media is that there is amazing potential of reach as a reward to creative campaigns. The concept of a viral video is a testament to this, but that’s not all. There was recently an excellent PR stunt by dating website who had ‘offered’ Caroline Flack, the 32 year old television presenter, a fairly ludicrous £500,000 to front their website.

A look back on Caroline Flack's relationship with Harry Styles.

Flack is renowned for two things in particular – her occupation as the presenter of The Xtra Factor and also more relevantly, her past relationship with Harry Styles, a 17 year old boyband member. The joke is obvious but coupled with the power of Twitter being what it is, the results have been astonishing.

After all, it’s unlikely to say the least that the monetary offer was genuine but that’s beside the point as all it took was the rumour to get to Caroline Flack who jokingly responded with a tweet to her 666k+ followers: “Half a Million to be the face of YES! Finally I can afford my stannah stair lift sex swing!”

All it took was one creative pop culture referencing joke, twitter and it resulted in coverage in Daily Mail, Metro as well as of course, two-thirds of a million people directly!

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