This statistic caught my eye today on any free app in the iOS App Store’s top 10 list is receiving at least 30,000 downloads a day. That’s right 30,000 a day!

Research from app tracking company Distimo put out the first in a series of posts with some really interesting facts and figures relating to apps. Amongst many things they found that the weekend is the most popular time for app downloading and that it takes considerably less apps to crack the top lists in other countries outside the UK and US .

Unsurprisingly markets like Italy and Australia have a lower average number of downloads per day, with 2,000 downloads for a top 50 placement. But the U.S. takes more than 25,000 downloads to reach the same Top 50 ranking. If a developer wants to rank in different local app stores, here is what you need to get:

[Update: Distimo says that the earlier version of its data aggregated the download volume for five applications in a given range of rankings (like ranks 6 to 10). The company has now updated its data by dividing numbers by five.]

United States – Top 10: 80,000; Top 25: 45,000; Top 50: 25,000

China — Top 10: 30,000; Top 25: 15,000; Top 50: 10,000

United Kingdom – Top 10: 18,000; Top 25: 8,000; Top 50: 5,000

Italy – Top 10: 8,000; Top 25: 4,000; Top 50: 2,000

Australia – Top 10: 8,000; Top 25: 4,000; Top 50: 2,000


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