Google is the leading search engines worldwide and for good reason. With an extensive record of knowledge and recommendations stored and collected from previous user searches, its memory retention and search capability is one of the most advanced systems of its kind.

With the recent addition of the knowledge graph, which provides you with an information card, containing relevant and comprehensive information at the side of your screen, offering specific details about your search, including links to related subjects, Google’s abilities seem endless. So now that the announcement of the expandable knowledge graph test has been confirmed, it looks like Google’s services are set to become even more sophisticated.

Currently, the knowledge graph will provide users with five related items to their search, so for example if I was to search for a film, Google could provide me with, two of the actors from that film, the location of the film, the director and let’s say the book it was based on (obviously it depends on your individual search). But with this new expandable knowledge graph, users are able to ‘explore more’. This link enables you to scroll through a larger number of related subjects right at the top of your screen, giving Googlers a far more thorough and extensive list of results.